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Our School


Ensuring academic and social success by connecting with every child, every day.


Monte Vista Elementary is a positive community dedicated to improving quality of life through education by empowering students to be self-directed leaders and proactive citizens.


  • We believe in a GROWTH MINDSET in which all students can learn when provided appropriate time, instruction, and resources.
  • We believe critical thinking and problem solving are necessary skills for students to learn in order to become confident, productive, and resourceful members of society.
  • We believe education is a shared responsibility and partnership among students, family, school, and the community.
  • We believe a safe environment that promotes positive relationships and mutual respect among students and staff is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  • We believe high expectations and a commitment to continuous growth and progress is essential to our students’ success.


When checking out a student at Monte Vista Elementary your ID is required.

When visiting Monte Vista Elementary, please remember to always check in at the office.  A Visitor/Volunteer sticker will be given to visit or volunteer in our school.