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Land Trust Plan

2018-19 Land Trust Plan

Financial Summary:
Carry-Over from 2017-2018:  $11,384
Allocation for 2018-2019:  $93,278
Total Available Funds for 2018-2019: $104,662

Goal: Monte Vista Elementary will increase student academic achievement by 4% in English Language Arts by the end of the 2018-19 school year.

Measurement of Student Growth and Progress:

Student growth and progress will be measured using ELA benchmark and unit tests, Guided Reading Levels, DIBELS, Fontas & Pinnell, and SAGE.  English Language Arts baseline is 43% based on most recent SAGE results.  End of Year DIBELS and GRLs will also be used as baseline data to measure growth throughout the 2018-19 school year.

Action Plan:

·       All students will receive effective Tier 1 Core instruction from their classroom teacher.

·      Students who do not show adequate growth and/or who are identified as below grade level on reading and writing formative and summative assessments will receive Tier 2 intervention support from their classroom teacher and from grade-level instructional assistants trained in research-based intervention programs. Salaries for these instructional assistants will be paid for with Land Trust money.

·        A four-day rotation block will be built into the master schedule to facilitate Tier 2 intervention and weekly PLC meetings for teachers.

·       The rotation classes include computers, library, music, and PE.

·       Teachers will meet in grade level PLC meetings and data analysis meetings once weekly and provide Tier 2 intervention three times weekly during the four-day rotation block.

·       An additional instructional assistant will support instruction in the computer, library, music, and PE rotation classes. The salary for this assistant will be paid for with Land Trust money.

·       The music class rotation will provide a weekly period for all teachers to attend their grade level PLC and data analysis meetings.  A portion of the salary for the music teacher will be paid for with Land Trust money.


2017-18 Land Trust Summary Report:

Financial Summary:
Carry-Over from 2016-2017:  $10,981
Allocation for 2017-2018:  $75,016
Total Available Funds for 2017-2018: $85,997

School Land Trust money was spent to improve student academic performance in ELA. Both summative and formative data was used throughout the year to assess individual student growth and progress. Students who did not show adequate growth and/or who were identified as below grade level on these assessments received Tier 2 intervention support from their classroom teacher and/or trained instructional assistants.  Tier 2 instruction and intervention took place during PE, library, computer, and music rotations, allowing teachers to meet with small groups and/or individual students. The rotation block was built into our master schedule to accommodate Tier 2 instruction and weekly PLC meetings for teachers, and was made possible by hiring a .5 PE teacher and a .75 music teacher.  The salaries for the PE teacher, music teacher, and four instructional assistants were paid with Land Trust money.