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Photo of Kristen Hogan Kristen Hogan
Photo of Baylee Lansford Baylee Lansford
Photo of Nanette Ririe Nanette Ririe Principal


Photo of Laura Kimball Laura Kimball Office Assistant
Photo of Janet Thackeray Janet Thackeray Office Assistant


Photo of Tonya Brugger Tonya Brugger AM
Carla Philbrick AM
Photo of Katie Strong Katie Strong PM

1st Grade

Photo of Alicia Ely Alicia Ely
Photo of Trisha Jensen Trisha Jensen
Photo of Coral Koller Coral Koller
Photo of Michael Vierra Michael Vierra DLI
Photo of Helen Yu Helen Yu DLI

2nd Grade

Photo of Lynn Asay Lynn Asay
Photo of Pamela Cao Pamela Cao DLI
Photo of Diane Edwards Diane Edwards DLI
Photo of Dermot Kendal Dermot Kendal
Photo of Tracy McCurdy Tracy McCurdy

3rd Grade

Photo of Amy Bolton Amy Bolton
Photo of Susan Christensen Susan Christensen DLI
Photo of Yvonne Grover Yvonne Grover DLI
Photo of Amber Vaske Amber Vaske
Photo of Staci Velarde Staci Velarde

4th Grade

Photo of Stacy Holmes Stacy Holmes
Photo of Sophie Shao Sophie Shao DLI
Photo of Dionne Tarpenning Dionne Tarpenning DLI
Photo of Jordan Travis Jordan Travis
Photo of Gabriela Wardle Gabriela Wardle

5th Grade

Photo of Denise Bass Denise Bass
Photo of Mindy Kang Mindy Kang DLI
Photo of Theresa Norton Theresa Norton
Photo of Michael Olsen Michael Olsen DLI
Photo of Tori Timothy Tori Timothy

6th Grade

Photo of Janet Barbiero Janet Barbiero
Photo of Ryan Behmer Ryan Behmer DLI
Photo of Corrie Chase Corrie Chase
Photo of Marie Kastleman Marie Kastleman
Photo of Christie Matheson Christie Matheson
Photo of SzuYing McFarland SzuYing McFarland DLI

Special Education

Photo of Kathyrne Clark Kathyrne Clark
Photo of Lori Wall Lori Wall Resource

Special Services

Support Staff

Photo of Kelly Colobella Kelly Colobella
Photo of Cameron Copier Cameron Copier
Photo of Wendy Cox Wendy Cox
Photo of Tami Fenn Tami Fenn
Photo of Kari Gorringe Kari Gorringe
Photo of Brooke Haas Brooke Haas
Photo of Sirpa Jaruis Sirpa Jaruis
Photo of Kathy Kartchner Kathy Kartchner Critical Needs
Janelle Kendrick
Photo of Myra Lurker Myra Lurker
Photo of Jodee Packer Jodee Packer SEL Teacher Specialist
Bonnie Peterson
Photo of Brenda Price Brenda Price
Photo of Susan Rivers Susan Rivers
Photo of Ashley Smith Ashley Smith
Lisa Stillman School Psychologist