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April was a great month to receive a PRIDE award at Monte Vista!  Students were chosen for exemplifying the  7 Leader in Me habits, as well as following the PRIDE code, which includes being Prepared, Respecting people and property, beingInvolved in learning, following Directions the first time, and Encouraging others.  Awards were presented by Mrs. Doleac, Monte the Mustang, and Educator of the Month, Linda Carter.  The following students received awards:  Brielle Horton, Alexander Evershed, Avonlea Swenson, Bridger Dalton, Gabriel Liddard, Noah Strang, Tosh Poole, Hunter Scharrer, Tariah Horton, Carson Edmunds, Kenzee Wardle, Capri Jenkins, Oliver Thorne, Laney Casoria, Alyssa Soares, Briton Wessoman, Christopher Thompson, Andrew Carr, Kallie Soares, Lane Linnell, Jackson Burton, Marti Zobell, Kiera Callejo, Charles Wahlquist, Ethan Jenkins, Beckett Coates, Spencer Smith, Tytus Mauchley, Autumn Hurst, Kade Davis, Brielle Malstrom, Samuel Sipos, Addi Campbell, Kaydee Stanley, Kimmie Huntsman, Megan Sorenson, and Noah Martin.

March Leader in Me Awards

Students recognized for leadership in the month of March received certificates and medals at an assembly on Friday, March 30. Monte the Mustang helped present the awards. Congratulations go to Jacob Sorenson, Halle Demill, Mekhi Hilton, Bodhi Coy, Evelyn Waite, Ariana Swenson, Dawson Luce, Anthony Miranda, Tyson Dunn, Ruby Anderson, Jacob Stirling, Lily Jensen, Zach Benson, Layla Lonteen, Corbin Christensen, Avery Li, Abrielle Okada, William Harris, William Robbins, Ashlynn Newbold, Brynnly Clark, Jace Kelly, Lily Holmgren, Sean Borcsani, Kasey Jacobsen, Kaitlin Carroll, Caden Ellison, Koa Griffiths, Chelsea Hansen, Payton Richins, Sophie Gilbert, and Jimmy Cota.

January Leader in Me
Students receiving the January Leader in Me awards at Monte Vista include Liam Stevens, Savannah Haider, Tynnley Murphy, Zackery Jenson, Cameron Taylor, Emma Griffiths, Ella Stirling, Remington Bowen, Sierra Richards, Eleanor Mooso, Harlow Lewis, Luke Walsh, Benton Smith, Molly Thatcher, Jordan Taylor, Gibson Visser, Ethan Gilbert, Kylie Schaerrer, Ainsley Haas, Addie Tebbs, Brooklyn Jeffers, Alexandra White, Anna Hall, Hallie Eggett, Adam Cole, Alyssa Taylor, Ellie Davis, Addyson Horsley, Seth Callejo, Chloe Quist, Shayna Teeples, Boston Brady, Devin Shirts, Scott Goff, Andrea Ives, and Lawson Dwelle. Congratulations, students for your exemplary behavior and leadership in the month of January!

December Leader in Me AssemblyThe following students were recognized for leadership at the December 15th Leader in Me Assembly at Monte Vista! Monte the Mustang, Mrs. Doleac, and the Educator of the Month, Mrs. Prew, presented medals and certificates for each student. We are proud of each of them for modeling the PRIDE code. They are Prepared, Respectful of People and Property, Involved in Learning, Follow Directions the First Time, and Encourage Others. Congratulations to: Weston R., Niko L., Hattie K., Oaklee M., Ariana C., Helaman W., Diego M., Alexis T., Alec H., Emilyn O., Keegan W., Emma H., McCade Y., Chance M., Tae H., Sophia R., Cindy L., Wyatt A., Haloti N., Dylan G., Carter T., Aidan E., Davis A., Addison B., Reagan L., and Brooklyn B.

November Leader in Me AssemblyStudents in grades K-6 received “high fives” from Monte the Mustang as well as medals and certificates from Mrs. Doleac and Mrs. Helton at Monte Vista’s Leader in Me assembly amid cheers and applause from students, teachers, and parents at the school this morning. Awards were presented to James C., Luke S., Simon K., Derek S., Hannah W., Lila G., Nathan R., Ella A., Emery S., Kylesen L., Kennedy S., Reese J., Zach H., Andres C., Isaac C., Reagan L., Stockton H., Cannon W., Kade A., Samuel F., Helena C., Lexi C., Ayden D., Jerzy S., Sadie A., Jack F., Allen L., Devin L., Mary S., Raylee W., Gavin B., and Julian B.

It was rumored that Mr. Olsen was Monte the Mustang.

Leader in Me awards were presented to the following students for following the PRIDE code and exemplifying the 7 Habits in their classrooms in October. Students representing Monte Vista’s citizenship standards include: Saylor T., Trey B., Robert R., Lillyth M., Onyx, H., Brenden K., Jacob B., Aleah D., Terence B., Quinci H., Maxwell M., Ota U., Jeevan S., Abby A., Brizban C., Evalyn R., Beckham G., Megan G., Avery N., Lily S., Raegan W., Vincent W., Luke S., Luz B., Owen L., Lilo K., Emaline R., Saydey M., Justin J., Tregan G., Jaron H., Rachel T., Jayma E., Karli A., and Hayden S.

September Leader in Me assemblyDo you know what PRIDE stands for? Students at Monte Vista cleary do! Mrs. Doleac asked them at today’s Leader in Me assembly, and students shouted in unison. P stands for Prepared. R is for Respect People and Property. I is for Involved in Learning. D means Directions First Time. E stands for Encourage. Students at Monte Vista have all these great qualities!

Receiving the Leader in Me award is an honor given to one student each month in each class. This month’s recipients include Lacy S., Rosemary U., Braylon C. Brantlee T., Kennedy R., Ava C., Adi S., Derek C., McKinley, Cal B., Chloe J., Amberly J., Jocelyn G., Charlotte H., Owen B., Brynlee D., Gwendolyn M., Brescia C., Cole T., Rylan O., Cadance S., Kelsey W., Addie J., Vincent L., Kendyl C., Sebastien H., Maycie R., Josh P., Brinley J., Kaylie M., Keira G., Emily B., Britton A., Jaden K., and Marqese X.