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Standards-Based Grading

Monte Vista Elementary is transitioning to a standards-based grading model. Students are assessed based upon mastery of a standard or objective being taught. A “4, 3, 2, 1” scale is used to identify the level of mastery a student has achieved on a particular standard or objective as follows:

The student is proficient and demonstrates an advanced application of concepts, skills and/or processes of the standard(s).
Proficient (Meets Standard)
The student consistently demonstrates an understanding of concepts, skills, and/or processes of the standard(s).
The student demonstrates some understanding of concepts, skills, and/or processes of the standard(s) but lacks proficiency in key areas.
The student does not yet demonstrate an understanding of concepts, skills, and/or processes of the standard(s), and requires support to complete key tasks.

In the event a student does not demonstrate mastery of a concept via an assessment, the student is welcome to retake an assessment as long as the student completes assigned learning tasks designed to help them understand and develop proficiency on the learning objective for the standard.

The following information provides a history of the implementation of Standards Based Grading at MVE.

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