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Hello Monte Vista Community,

  • Reminder: Please drop off students for Friday appointments on the south side (cafeteria side) drop off area. Students will walk to where they normally line up.
  • Thank you PTA for a great FUN RUN this week. So far, the students have enjoyed a chance to get out and run with their class. Thank you parents for your support.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, Oct 26 Teacher Grade Transmittal Day              (no students at school)
Thursday, Oct 29 Halloween Celebrations                          (no parents, please no inflatable costumes, or facsimiles of any weapon)
Friday, Nov 6 Teacher Work Day
(no students at school)
Monday, Nov 9  - Thursday, Nov 12  Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference
Friday, November 13 Teacher Compensation Day                  (no students at school)
November 25-27 Thanksgiving Recess