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Chinese Immersion

2022-2023 News

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About the program

Monte Vista Elementary is proud to be a Chinese Dual Language Immersion (DLI) school. We are one of 32 Chinese DLI elementary schools in monte_vista-chinesethe state of Utah and one of four in Jordan School District.  The program boasts an exciting opportunity for your child’s academic development and cultural awareness.

Utah State Board of Education

District Dual Immersion

Utah Dual Immersion
Advantages of the program

Dual immersion students experience a range of benefits from the program:

  • Mastery of a second language. Students will be prepared to take the AP Chinese test in 9th grade and college level Chinese classes in high school. They can be very close to earning a college minor by the time they graduate high school.
  • Greater levels of metalinguistic awareness, which improves reading comprehension and communication.
  • Successful academic achievement. Students perform as well as or better on standardized tests in English than their non-immersion peers.
  • Enhanced performance on tasks that require executive function and self-regulation skills. These students typically have better attention control, memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Tolerance and appreciation for other cultures.
  • Strong relationships with peers who also complete the program.
  • Superior employment opportunities in this increasingly globalized world.



Registration for the program occurs in February of each year for the next school year. For 2022 enrollment, an informational parent meeting will be held Thursday, January 22, 2022 at 4pm at Monte Vista.  Completed applications will be due February 26, 2022. Dates for the 2023-2024 school year will be updated later in the school year.  Registration application can be found at  The school accepts 56 kindergarten applicants (entering 1st grade that year) based on a lottery system, with students living within Monte Vista boundaries receiving preference.

When registering, you are asked to commit your child to the program throughout elementary school. You are also asked to schedule vacations around the school calendar. These commitments help your child and the overall program to be successful.

Please contact the Monte Vista Elementary front office at 801-254-8040 if you have additional questions.

A Day in an Immersion Classroom                                                                                                                                           monte_vista_chinese3

In the Dual Immersion program, your student will receive instruction in both Chinese and English. The Chinese teacher will not speak English in the classroom. Your student will adjust quickly.

In the lower grades, math is taught in Chinese and reinforced in English. In the upper grades, the same model is used for science or social studies. Your student will share lunch and recess times with other students who are not in the immersion program.



“I put my children in the Chinese dual immersion program because I wanted to challenge them.  Though they could have tested for a program like ALPS, I would rather have them learn a second language, a skill that could last throughout their life. Our experience has been fantastic.  My boys have loved learning the language, and we as a family have loved learning more about the Chinese culture. From the Chinese New Year celebrations to visiting the Chinese market, or hosting a Chinese student, it has been rewarding to see my children interact with and learn from native speakers.  I am excited to see them progress each year and cannot wait to take them all to China someday and see them use their language firsthand.  The program has been challenging, but it has also been worth the effort.” – Maria Scott, parent of four Monte Vista Chinese DLI students

"It's really been a great experience because learning a second language is awesome!” – Ethan Scott, Monte Vista Chinese DLI sixth grader

“For the last six years, the DLI program has expanded our family's knowledge of the world. In an increasingly global economy, the language skills gained will position our children for future opportunities both here and abroad. There aren't words enough to express our gratitude to the dedicated Chinese teachers at Monte Vista Elementary that have taught our children a language we never could have taught them ourselves.”
-Kamron and Maren Dalton


Activities and Eventsmonte_vista_chinese2

Dual immersion students participate in cultural events throughout the year to increase their understanding of the culture. Chinese New Year is a favorite event every year! We look forward to expanding our cultural activities in the near future to include a Chinese Lantern Festival and Chinese Market.



Monte Vista 801-254-8040