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Hot Chocolate
It may not be bitterly cold outside this month, but Monte Vista students still appreciated a cup of hot cocoa as they entered the school grounds on Tuesday, February 6th . Even Monte the Mustang was a visible presence, greeting students with handshakes and high fives. One council representative spoke of the process. She said, “We had to hurry so fast to have cups ready for
all the students that came pouring off the school buses! But it was really fun!” Thank you, Mrs. Prew, for your work as student council faculty advisor. It was a great day to be a Monte Vista Mustang!

Orchestra StudentsLed by Mrs. Heather Wright, the Monte Vista Elementary student orchestra played holiday favorites to a full house of students, parents, grandparents and neighbors on Wednesday, December 13th. Comprised of 3rd-6th graders, the orchestra meets to practice two days each week before school. Beginning students meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, and advanced students practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just in case you might be interested in joining the orchestra next year, fliers come home in August, and students must join before the beginning of October. Orchestra is available for $200 per year, and students bring their own instruments (violins, violas and cellos). Mrs. Wright has a few instruments available for rental at an inexpensive price.

PrizesHow important are the first few minutes of the school day?  Very important!  Students manage housekeeping items like choosing school lunch as they walk into class, and they quickly settle into the day’s instruction:  learning new concepts in reading and math.  In order to support our focus on beginning the school day positively, we are introducing an incentive program for each student.  All students who have no tardies for a week will receive a ticket on the last day of the week.  Teachers turn in these tickets to the office, and on Monday ten names will be drawn for prizes.  Be on time!  This program will continue until Winter Break!


Monte Vista’s students are receiving music instruction this year because of a Beverly Taylor Sorensen Arts grant.  When asked how they could support our school, the community council offered to raise money for instruments for the music program.  During Parent Teacher Conferences, tickets were sold to participate in prize drawings for gift baskets donated by community members.  Our main sponsor has been Swire Coca-Cola.  We appreciate their generosity.  Community Council Chair, Marinda Wessman, expressed her appreciation for community support.  “There has been a lot of excitement about the baskets AND about the musical instruments that we plan to purchase.”  Stay tuned to learn how much the Community Council received through this fundraiser and the instruments supplied to the school!

Tonyburgers Free Kids Meal

How long does it take to spell A-T-T-E-N-D-A-N-C-E? For eight classes at Monte Vista it took less than two months. As a way to prioritize students coming to school every day, classes add a letter each day they have 100% of their students in class by 9:15 a.m. Students in Mrs. Grover, Mrs. Jensen, Mrs. Asay, Ms. Kang, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Culverwell, Mr. Chuang, and Mrs. Anderson’s classes had an extra recess managed by Mrs. Doleac and Mrs. Ford on November 1st. Starting in November, all students will receive a free kids’ meal at TonyBurgers when their class spells ATTENDANCE. We expect to be handing out a lot of TonyBurger cards!